Downloading NWEA MAP Data from NWEA


The Schoolzilla NWEA MAP Explorer currently supports Web-Based MAP results data. It does not support Client Server MAP.


To get your NWEA MAP data into Schoolzilla, you will first need to download one or more data files from the NWEA website. There will be one file for each testing period. The instructions below will help you select the right files to download.

Go to your NWEA admin site. (usually the url is in the format


Log in with your email address and password.

Click View Reports & Instructional Resources, then click MAP Reports.


Click Data Export Scheduler:


Select the following settings:



Then you should receive the following confirmation:


The amount of time it takes for NWEA to process your file will vary. When ready, you will see your reports available in the Reports Queue:

Repeat this process for each of the testing periods that you need. When you have all of your files, you'll be ready to Upload Your NWEA MAP Data!


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    Vera Krimnus
    Thanks for these instructions. Very useful ( I was shown once but who can remember)! One suggestion: you might want to say (put a red box around) that you need to choose enable on top of that screen. Mine was set to disable by default.-vera

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