MAP Explorer Overview


The Schoolzilla MAP Explorer presents your NWEA MAP data back to you in a series of reports that can be used by district, school, and classroom audiences. The reports show both snapshots of your data in a particular testing cycle as well as growth data.

The Schoolzilla MAP reports compare against NWEA’s norm data for comparison purposes and also allow you to check your data against your own growth targets.


How does it work?
Download your MAP data from NWEA and upload your data through Schoolzilla’s secure Data Uploader.

When data is finished processing, your Schoolzilla MAP Reports will be populated with your NWEA MAP data! You can additionally add roster data to power classroom-level reports as well as share reports with school leaders and teachers.



I’m ready! Let’s get going!
To get started with the MAP Explorer, please contact us to subscribe. If you’re already a subscriber, the articles below should help you get started!


Getting Started with the MAP Explorer

Powering Classroom Reports with Rosters

Sharing Reports

Managing Your Data

 * Note: NWEA MAP does not provide percentile scores for 12th graders and therefore there will be no quartile scores for these students, which is not an error in reports or data. RIT scores are loaded into the data warehouse for 12th graders for both fall and winter. 

Other questions? If you have questions that aren’t answered by the articles above, feel free to contact us for MAP Explorer Support.

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