Uploading NWEA MAP Data


1.  To get started with your data upload, log in to your account.


2.  Navigate to Schoolzilla’s secure Data Uploader


3.  Select “NWEA MAP Assessments” from the options on the left


4.  Click the “Choose File” and select the appropriate NWEA MAP results data file (.csv) from your computer. You should upload one file at a time if you have multiple files (e.g. Fall and Winter results)



5.  When you click “Open” on the dialog box, the file will be uploaded to Schoolzilla and you should see the file show up in the Data Manager table below.




6.  You can upload additional files if you have them.


7.  Schoolzilla processes your files on a daily basis, so it could take 24-48h (though usually turnaround is shorter than that!) for your data to percolate through to your reports.


8.  Your data will process overnight and will be available in your reports the next day!

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