Creating a Roster File


Note: If you are a Schoolzilla Enterprise customer with your own data warehouse and Tableau site, roster information added via the method below will be overwritten by data from your SIS. Please contact for more information.

At Schoolzilla, we are able to personalize reports for teachers (show teachers reports that just include their students) based on roster data you provide via the Schoolzilla’s Roster Template.

You can download the Roster Template here:

Do not remove or rename any columns or tabs from this file! Removing columns (even if unused) will cause an upload to fail.


In the Roster Template you will see an “Instructions” tab for how to use the template:



On the “Data” tab, we recommend completing:

  • Teacher Email (required)
  • State Student ID AND System Student ID (required) -- if you don't know the State Student ID for a student, please put their System Student ID in this column instead
  • Teacher First Name (highly recommended)
  • Teacher Last Name (highly recommended)

There should be one row per student-teacher combination.

The “Examples” tab gives an example of the types of data that would be appropriate for each column.

Once you’ve created your Roster file, upload it to Schoolzilla!

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