Sharing Reports with Teachers


Create teacher accounts by creating a Schoolzilla Roster File.

Once teacher accounts are created, you’ll see them in the list of users that you can manage under the “Share” section.


You’ll see both School Leaders and Teachers that have been created within your account.

While teacher accounts are created when you upload a roster, individual teachers won’t receive an email notification to set up their accounts until you invite them.

Select the teacher(s) you’d like to invite.

Click the envelope button to send out email invitations to the selected users.


Confirm that you would like to invite the user(s) selected.


The invited Teachers will receive an email prompting them to come and set up their account passwords and view reports for the students they are associated with (per the roster you’ve uploaded)!


You will now see that the status of the invited Teacher(s) has changed in your list of users.


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