Common Issues with Password Resets


Here are some reasons that you may be having an issue with a password reset on the Schoolzilla website:

1) The link that you're using has an old/invalid password reset token. The "reset your Schoolzilla password" email that's sent to you when you request a password reset has a one-time use token in it. If that token has already been used, you'll get an error when you try to reset your password. If you believe this might be what happened, requesting a new password reset link at should resolve the issue.

2) The "Reset Your Password" page has expired. For security reasons, there's a timeout built into this page and you'll get an error if you try to submit the password reset form after the page has been open for more than a couple of minutes. If you believe this might be what caused the error, re-opening or reloading the password reset page and setting your new password right away should fix it.

3) The new password that you're trying to set doesn't meet our password requirements. Passwords must be at least 6 characters and contain both uppercase and lowercase characters and at least one number. If you believe the password you were trying to use didn't meet these requirements, re-opening or reloading the password reset page and choosing a password that does should work.

4) If you're looking for the password reset email, it could be that it has gone to your spam folder - please check there!

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