Improvements To Our Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy


We updated our Terms of Service in two ways to better serve you.

First, and most importantly, we are providing you in writing the type of protections that we have always given you in practice. Specifically, we described protections regarding: school-level anonymity, deleting data, fee refunds, getting your data out, and late payment fees. We also clarified the payment and indemnification terms. See details below and in the Terms themselves.

The second update is that we added a plain-English translation for each section of “legalese.” We care about being user-friendly, we care about our relationship with you, and we wanted to make sure that all of us understand the terms of our agreement.

We would love to hear if this is helpful, and if you have any additional questions then please contact us and we'll be happy to help! 

Below is an explicit list of the changes we made to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy since the previous version which was released June 14, 2013:

  • Added the words “your school” to the last sentence in Section 3.2, which ensures that Schoolzilla will never disclose one customer’s data to another customer that identifies “you, your school, or any of your students or staff individually.”
  • Added Section 3.6, which states: “If you want to delete data you have provided to Schoolzilla, you may do so through the Website or by submitting an email request to giving us your name and contact information and the data you would like us to delete. Schoolzilla will confirm that your data has been deleted within 5 business days.
  • Included a guarantee not to use your data for any purpose that is not disclosed in the Terms of Service including, without limitation, for any targeted advertising (Section 3.5).
  • Included a guarantee that we will delete all of your students’ records in our possession when our contract with you expires. (Section 3.7)
  • Included a guarantee to assist you in complying with student/family/guardian requests to verify or correct their personally identifiable data (Section 3.8).
  • Added an entire section (Section 4) that explains our technical security procedures including the way we train our staff as well as our incident response protocol.
  • Simplified Section 6.1 and corrected the URL link, which explains where our fees are listed.
  • Simplified Section 6.3, which relates to subscription fees.
  • Added language to Section 6.4 referencing exceptions to Schoolzilla’s non-refundable fees policy which are new in Section 6.1. The exception states: “If we [Schoolzilla] terminate this Agreement (except in the event of a breach of the Agreement by You), we will refund to you a prorated portion of your fees based on the date of termination.”
  • In Section 5.5, we reduced our interest rate for delayed payments from 1.5% to 1%.
  • Changed Section 6.2 to guarantee that we will use reasonable efforts to transfer your data back to you or to a third-party designated by you in the event of our agreement being terminated. We also extended the length of this guarantee from 1 month to 2 months following the effective termination date of the agreement.
  • We made explicit that you may only indemnify us “to the extent permitted by law” in the Indemnification clause (Section 9).
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