See what your users will see on Data Wall


Before you roll out your reports to teachers, principals, and other stakeholders in your organization, you’ll probably want to check to make sure that what they see when they log in to looks exactly how you want it to look. With Data Wall, Schoolzilla gives you a way to do that.

If you want to do check out what folks will see before you roll out to them for the first time, we recommend that you create a school leader account for testing purposes. Once you’ve either done this or actually invited teachers, school leaders, or others from your organization to Schoolzilla, you can use our “Log in as” feature to see what they’ll see when they come to Data Wall.

To log in as a user, click on the arrow next to their name on the Share page and then click “Log in as.” This will take you to Data Wall as that person will see it when they log in. If you don’t see any reports when you log in, make sure that the person whose account you are using has an account on Tableau and also has permission to see reports.

In order to get back to the Share page, click "Resume Admin Role."

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