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Currently, only the admin for an organization may add and update user accounts through our website. If you aren’t sure who the account admin is for your organization, contact your impact manager or contact us and we'll be happy to help!

To view and edit your users, log in and go to the “Share” page at Even if you’ve never visited this page, you should see a bunch of names there when you log in. These are teachers who we’ve added to your account based on the information in your data warehouse. Do a quick gut-check of the user list using the "Schoolzilla Web Users" report in your Command Center:

  • Does the number of users (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the count) roughly match the number of teachers in your school system? If not, please reach out to
  • Do you see any users with a name that looks like “----- -----”? These names are automatically generated by our system when it is missing information about a user. You can correct them by clicking the name and then clicking “Edit Account” on that users profile page.
  • Do any of your users have an email address that looks like <a random number>@<your school’s domain>.org (e.g., These accounts were generated for teachers who don’t have an email address stored in your data warehouse. To fix these, the best option is to update their entry in your SIS to include a valid email address. If you do that, you should see a record for them with the correct email address the next day, at which point you can delete their old record with the numeric email address. Another option is to upload a roster file with their information in it. This will give them account, but it won’t automatically sync their roster information in the future.

To add any non-teacher users (school leaders, network administrators, etc.), follow these directions. We call these accounts “school leader” accounts, but they can be used by any staff member that serves one or more schools.

As the administrator for your organization’s Schoolzilla account, you will be able to add, remove, and modify users, but you will not be able to change the password for any of your users. Instead, if a user forgets their password, they’ll need to go to

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