Curating your organization's Data Wall


Data Wall gives Data Champions two tools to help teachers, school leaders, and other stakeholders find the data they need quickly and easily:

Featured Reports

Featured reports are highlighted for everyone in your organization who has access to those reports. Click the star on a report tile or individual report page to mark a report as "Featured." You can link directly to your organization's featured reports using Only admin users* can add featured reports.



Collections allow you to group reports in the way that is most intuitive to your stakeholders. Create a collection by clicking "New Collection" and add reports to it by clicking "..." on the report tiles or individual report pages. Only admin users* can create or edit collections. A single report can belong to an unlimited number of collections. Users see all collections that have at least one report in them that they have permission to see in Tableau. The reports a user sees in a collection just depends on which reports they have permission to see in Tableau:

  • A user has access to NO reports in the collection --> they can't see the collection
  • They have access to SOME of the reports in the collection --> they can see the collection, but only the reports they have access to appear within it
  • They have access to ALL of the reports in the collection --> they can see the collection and all of the reports in it

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*If you're not sure who the admin user for your organization is, reach out to

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