Dashboard Exchange: How do I move a report from SMART data to my data (or vice versa)?


All reports on the Dashboard Exchange use Tableau Data Server (TDS) data sources. In order to share a report with the community your report must use TDS as a data source. (Directions on how to migrate old reports to Tableau Data Server are available here.)

  1. Start by downloading the report from Tableau Server. More details on how to download reports available here.
  2. Open the report in Tableau desktop and sign in using your Tableau Server credentials. 
  3. To change from SMART data to your data (or vice versa), right click on the data source in the top left corner and click “Edit Data Source”.                       
  4. Click “Change Sign In..”                                                                                 
  5. Log in again using your Tableau Server credentials. This time you will have the opportunity to select a site. If you are trying to share your report on SMART Data, select “Dashboard Exchange”. If you are trying to share your report with your users, select your customer site. The data source will automatically populate. 
  6. Click “OK” and publish away!

Please note: you can only share reports that use the Schoolzilla Data Blocks. If your reports leverage custom structures please remove the custom structures before publishing to the Dashboard Exchange.

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