Refreshing Data Wall


In order to display your reports, Data Wall retrieves a bunch of information from your organization’s site on Tableau Server including:

  • Links to all of your reports
  • Report titles and tags
  • Permissions (i.e., which users have access to which reports?)
  • Thumbnail images of your reports

That’s a pretty hefty amount of information, so we’re not able to refresh it live. That means that if you make certain changes in Tableau, you’re not going to immediately see those changes reflected in Data Wall. The kinds of changes we’re talking about are:

  • Publishing a new report
  • Deleting a report*
  • Updating permissions for a report or project*
  • Adding or removing users*
  • Updating users’ group memberships*
  • Adding or removing tags

Other kinds of changes WILL show up immediately in Data Wall, including:

  • Editing a report using web editing
  • Updating a report by publishing over it (i.e., publishing a report with the same name and project as an existing report)

To get your changes to show up in Data Wall, all you have to do is hit the refresh button at the top of the page. It can take up to 20 minutes for Data Wall to retrieve your data from Tableau after you hit refresh, so make sure you leave yourself enough time between when you make your changes in Tableau and when you need to show them off in Data Wall.

If you have any questions about refreshing your organization’s Data Wall, please reach out to Thank you!

Making the types changes marked with a * without refreshing Data Wall afterwards can lead to a situation where a report still has a tile on Data Wall, but when a user tries to view it they get an error message.

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