Tagging reports in Tableau


One of the ways that Data Wall makes finding the right report for the moment easier is by displaying tags that tell what the report is about. In a future version of Data Wall, these tags, along with report titles, will drive Data Wall’s search bar. For now, you can click on the tags on the report tiles to see other related reports.

You can add tags to a report in Tableau. There are two ways to do it: on Tableau Server and in Tableau Desktop when you are publishing.


Adding tags on Tableau Server

To add tags on Tableau server just click the “...” button in the upper righthand corner of the report thumbnail and choose “Tag.” If you add a tag to a view, it will be added to the workbook that view is a part of as well. Data Wall uses workbook tags, so it doesn’t matter if you add the tag to the workbook or the view.

Adding tags when publishing

To add tags when you are publishing a workbook, just type the tags into the “Tags” box, separated by commas.

For more information about tags in Tableau, check out this article from Tableau’s online support desk.

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