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School settings is a easy way to Add a School or Edit information about an existing school on the web, this makes yearly changes to your school information and onboarding with Schoolzilla much easier.

Access “My Schools” from the Setting menu

You will see a few minor changes we have made to the navigation menu at the top. We have “Upload Data” where you upload your data for NWEA MAP, “Share” and “My Schools” where you can add the school information you want to be pulled into Schoolzilla.

Note: Only the Site Admin has access to "Share" and "My Schools" on Schoolzilla. This is to make sure that only the Site Admin has access to modifying critical information regarding schools and users.

It takes 24 hours for the data to reflect on your reports since it gets refreshed with the nightly jobs.

Adding a New School

If you are a new customer, and are adding schools for the first time, you will see a screen that tells you to add your school information.

If you are an existing customer you will see the schools you already have listed out, and you can add a new school by clicking on the new school button.


Fill in Required Information

Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to the page to add all the Required Information. These fields need to be filled in to proceed. These are essential for Schoolzilla to setup your reports.

Fill in Optional Information

The next step is to fill in the Optional Information, this is information that is useful for making your reports more informative.

View the School Added

Once you add a school, you can view it on the table. For instance in this case we added “Schoolzilla High School”. Notice that we have added the data to be pulled from 2006-2016.

View the School by School Year

To view this data by year, all you do is click on the School, “Schoolzilla High School” in this case, and it will expand out to give you the school’s information by year for every year from 2006-07 to 2015-16. You can scroll towards the right on this table to view ALL the required and optional fields and view them.

Edit School Information

To Edit information about a particular year, just click on “Edit”. This will open up a form with all the editable information for this school and a school year (everything except System School ID, and School Year) is editable. This form is also pre-filled with information from that year, so if only grades changed for this school year, you can change the grades and save the school year.

So in this case just the grades are changed from 10 to 12 to serve 9 to 12 just for the year 2015-16.

Once you make the changes you want,  save your changes. On saving the changes, you will get a success message and the changes will reflect on the screen. These changes are relayed back to our database and will show up on your reports in 24 hours.

 Adding a School Year

To add a school year, for a previous year, click on “+ School Year” to add a year. This will take you to a form similar to the page to add information about a school, pre-filled with information from the latest information. You can only add school information for one year in the past from the information you already have entered, or the present school year.

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